LibertyLink® GT27™

Rob-See-Co, is an independent seed supplier and we give our growers the best choices in seed. Sometimes that independence means we have to work a bit harder, but it always means that we can put our growers first in everything we do. A great example is the soybean seed line-up we offer.

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Introducing New LibertyLink GT27

Rob-See-Co is proud to be partnering with Stine to offer the latest innovation in soybean traits and genetics to provide you with more options for controlling even the toughest weeds. The LibertyLink GT27 soybean system delivers:

  • Performance you can count on
  • Both glyphosate and Liberty tolerance
  • Compatibility with a new HPPD/Group27 herbicide for soybeans (pending EPA approval)
  • Neighbor-friendly, non-volatile chemistries