Agrisure Duracade

Agrisure Duracade® -- It's good news for you (and really, really bad news for rootworms)

Cleaner fields and higher yields are yours with Rob-See-Co and Agrisure Duracade.

The news is good for farmers and bad for pests. Rob-See-Co is bringing innovative new Agrisure Duracade-traited seed corn to growers with its unique expertise. Agrisure Duracade offers more control on more destructive above and below-ground insects.

The ultimate option for insect control, simplicity and choice

Agrisure Duracade® trait stacks offer the ultimate combination—the latest insect control traits in a wide choice of diverse, high-yielding elite genetics with a simple, 5% integrated E-Z Refuge® seed blend.

The most advanced trait stack on the market

  • Offers premium, broad-spectrum insect control of 16 damaging insects to help preservegenetic yield potential and profitability
  • Combines the Agrisure Duracade and Agrisure® RW traits for dual modes of action against corn rootworm (CRW)
  • Features the Agrisure Viptera® trait, which offers market-leading above-ground insect control, and an additional mode of action against above-ground insects

Effective, season-long control

  • Protects against above- and below-ground insects
  • Features two modes of action against CRW and corn borer

Stand up to corn rootworm

Corn rootworm (CRW) can eat into your profits. As the most destructive corn pest in the United States, CRW costs more than $1 billion annually in reduced grain yield and control measures. Fluctuating insect pressures and farming practices complicate control of the difficult-to-manage pest, making it important to be prepared at the start of each season. Once CRW feeding has occurred, plants are left vulnerable to disease, further damaging the crop, and leaving growers with fields that are tough to harvest, with low yields and reduced profits.

Agrisure Duracade trait stacks express a unique protein that binds differently in the gut of the CRW, providing effective control of western, northern and Mexican CRW. A USDA study showed the lowest level of adult corn rootworm beetle emergence in Agrisure Duracade fields compared to any other current corn rootworm trait on the market.

Agrisure Duracade trait stacks help hybrids develop a stronger, more robust root system that supplies optimal water and nutrient uptake. Stronger roots mean healthier plants that stand tall.

Advantage of Planting a Hybrid with Agrisure Duracade Technology in Fields Where Corn Rootworm is Expected


The graph below shows the overall advantage of dual mode of action corn rootworm traits compared to no corn rootworm and single mode of action trait packages in seven high pressure fields from 2017-18.

This graph shows the overall advantage of Duracade compared to no corn rootworm trait using matched isoline comparisons, and is from a 2018 strip trial with moderate corn rootworm damage (Duracade version versus the above ground only version of six different hybrids).

Check out the Agronomy Projects page for additional information on the Corn Rootworm Beetle Monitoring project Rob-see-Co Sales Reps conducted in 2018.  It truly is the billion dollar pest and Agrisure Duracade hybrids are uniquely developed to tackle this problem.