“This is the first year that I’ve seen Rob-See-Co and I’m really impressed with everybody I’ve come in contact with at the company. They are a true regional company that shows they care about the customer. I also really like their new rootworm products. Out here, rootworm is a big player and I think Duracade brings a lot to the table.”
Brad Phillips, Burlington, CO

“Passion has a lot to do with our occupation – my great grandfather homesteaded here and was a customer and dealer for the Robinson family – they have always understood the needs of farmers. Today, having Rob Robinson back in the seed business gives me one less thing I have to worry about. With Rob-See-Co, I can be assured they are bringing to my farm, and those of my customers, the best traits and genetics for my operation, delivered with a passion for what they do to help us out here.”
Craig Frenzen, Fullerton, NE

I am involved in helping Craig with all aspects of production. We are extremely busy, so communication with our seed company is very important to us to make sure we have the right information for making decisions and answering questions. Rob-See-Co has great communication – at any time, our DSR or someone from the company is available to us and knows us by name. That helps us get things done right the first time.”
Jan Frenzen, Fullerton, NE

“Rob-See-Co may be a young company, but it’s a strong company with a good history. They’ve made it easy to do business with them with simple and straightforward programs, pricing and ordering. I also like the fact that from the top down in this company these guys are not just sitting behind a desk every day. They are hands on and right there turning the dirt with us and kicking clods, going through our fields to see how they are doing and how else they can help us.”
Jamie Watts, Fairfield, NE