About Us

A brand with a long history you can trust.

     Rob-See-Co is a new seed company with roots that go back more than 125 years and five generations of the Robinson family. Inspired in response to the mergers and acquisitions that dramatically changed the seed business, we’ve brought back everything that makes working with a regional seed company great – with local people who have a passion for the seed business.

That means combining today’s technology with producer-friendly relationships. It also means simplifying the process, so it’s easier for growers to know what products are going to work best on their farms and what they’re going to pay. And at the same time, provide Rob-See-Co Business Associates a profitable business model that is different from how seed companies approach the market place today.

Our Foundation

Rob Robinson, CEO of the new Rob-See-Co, states “We have seen huge technology advances from the major companies over the past few years, and with that – came mergers and acquisitions that took away the seed business based on relationships. It has become all about the numbers and promoting individual major company agendas to own every seed company, flood the marketplace with specific technologies and sell by the sheer numbers. With the start of Rob-See-Co, we’re bringing the value of relationships back into the seed industry – building strong customer bonds and providing deep regional product knowledge…it goes back to the “high-touch”, producer-friendly” relationship my family name has always been synonymous with.

Our Philosophy

  Our direct selling model brings more value to your table. We’re pulling together the best people in the business, who understand the value relationship plays in delivering an unforgettable customer experience. Our employees are seasoned in working directly with customers to get to know their unique characteristics, needs and challenges of their farm. As Mark Pogge, a Rob-See-Co Direct Sales Representative in Iowa puts it “People still want to buy from people… people they know and can trust. We’re building a solid foundation of team members with a strong passion for working closely with our customers.”

In addition to Rob-See-Co company representatives, we have people from your community who choose to represent Rob-See-Co on an independent basis, called Business Associates. These BAs live and work in your local area, and share our passion to provide the best seed options for your long-term farming success.

Exclusive and Innovative

Rob-See-Co is proud to offer customers both the Innotech seed brand and the Rob-See-Co seed brand. This combination provides a complete package of unique, high-yielding corn and soybean products exclusively developed for our regional marketing areas.

The Innotech brand is a culmination of over ten years of research and development, started in 2004 when Syngenta combined the corn germoplasm from its legacy companies into one powerful plant breeding engine.